About Air Activator (The Green Maker)

The Green Maker Super Air Activator is revolutionary product that increases the performance of your vehicle while reducing fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. It helps you cut down on vehicle operating costs while being environmental friendly.

The technology behind the Green Maker is based on many years of research and lab testing. The product is configured to induce additional volumes of atmospheric air and compress it into the inlet manifold. The Green Maker was engineered to compress this additional amount of air into the optimal value which enables it to become more powerful and produce more force when combined with the air already in the inlet manifold. The results of this combination are near-to-perfect combustions in the combustion chamber. The process also lowers the working temperature of the engine, thus prolonging its life span.

The Green Maker is compatible for all petrol-driven vehicles. It can be installed in both fuel-injection and carburetor engines. The Green Maker does not interrupt the normal functions of engine, at both idle and running conditions. It has a life span of 200,000 km or more.

The Fuel Booster

The fuel booster has come into its third generation whereby Nano technology is being applied for improving the integration and quality of fuel. The device is made from mineral materials. It helps to heat, soften, reduced and decomposition the macromolecules of gasoline and thereafter gasified the fuel (to become injection mode) before the fuel go into engine. This process will make the carburetor engine to enjoy fuel injection mode and hence improved the combustion which will improve power, fuel saving and much lesser emissions.

Besides, the fuel booster could absorb the engine heat and hence reduce engine temperature by 7-10% which will prolong the engine life span, air conditioners will be relatively cold and increased the suction system which could enhanced the brake functions. It will removing carbon deposits inside the engine cylinder and exhaust pipe, which will reducing engine noise and vibration during acceleration process, as well as extended engine oil (lubricant) and spark plug durability.

Truly invented by a Malaysian, our fuel booster has won several awards in and outside Malaysia. The awards comprise of the environmental protection special award granted by the Malaysian Science, Technology and Innovation Ministry, Europe green products award, American National Science Fair award. Besides, our fuel booster has successfully obtained the approval of patent design from Malaysian Intellectual Property Corporation. The product has obtained 32 countries copyright reserved.

Fuel booster

Power will strengthen 10 percent or more,

Saving fuel ranging from 10-30%,

Smoky diesel vehicles can be reduced 30-45%

Product liabilities coverage up to usd1 million

Product warranty up to 200,000km or 3 years whichever comes first

Fuel Booster & The Green Maker

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Diesel Booster

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