Car Installation

Installation Guide

  1. Before installing, prepare the T-joint piece with the Green Maker.
  2. Locate the existing rubber air hoses that are either in between the PVC valves or between the fuel-return pressure valve and the inlet manifold of the engine. Note: When disconnecting the hoses, the suction force has to be felt by the thumb when pressed against the open end of the two hoses.
  3. Fit the T-joint piece so that it is attached to either the PVC valve or the fuel-return pressure valve. THis is usually done with the aid of short length of air hose.
  4. The remaining free end of the T-joint piece is then fitted into the inlet manifold. Note: all fitting must be gripped tightly by the metallic clips that are provided. Also, the provided polystyrene tie-cup are to be used to position the whole installation rigidly.

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