About Air Activator (The Green Maker)

The Green Maker Super Air Activator is revolutionary product that increases the performance of your vehicle while reducing fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. It helps you cut down on vehicle operating costs while being environmental friendly.

The Fuel Booster

The fuel booster has come into its third generation whereby Nano technology is being applied for improving the integration and quality of fuel. The device is made from mineral materials. It helps to heat, soften, reduced and decomposition the macromolecules of gasoline and thereafter gasified the fuel (to become injection mode) before the fuel go into engine. This process will make the carburetor engine to enjoy fuel injection mode and hence improved the combustion which will improve power, fuel saving and much lesser emissions.

Product Liability Up to USD 1 million (RM3.2 million) & Product Performance Warranty Up to 200,000km or 3 years, whichever come first.


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